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With or Without VC – Founding in Germany || Dominik Matyka

Dominik Matyka

1. Topic of the Workshop:

With or Without VC – Founding in Germany

This Workshop is concerned with the advantages and disadvantages of using angels and venture capital financing. Is smart capital just a term or will I really get more than just money? What should I consider when using other people’s money to finance my company?

NB.: This workshop will be held in English

2. About the Author/Bio

After studying at the TU Berlin and the University of St Gallen, Dominik Matyka began his entrepreneurs career. After founding and co-founding several internet companies, his focus shifted towards venture capital, so he founded the u25 ventures GmbH. Furthermore he is involved as a venture partner at lindenvc and angel investor for diverse startus, including apprupt und sirank. Since 2008 he has been working on his newest prject, the plista GmbH.

3. Links:

Plista Homepage
Dominik Matyka bei Xing



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